If you’d like to be added to my blogroll, post a link to your blog here. Thanks!


14 Responses to Blogroll

  1. xcin100x says:

    Just found out your legacy and i cant wait to read it ! Heres my legacy;

  2. FortA says:

    Hey! I’ve enjoyed your first two chapters and hope to keep reading. Mine is found at . (if you click the link on my profile name, it will take you to the wrong blog). Hope you can check it out!


  3. matt1994 says:

    Hey I really like your legacy. Would you mind adding me to your links. I have new chapters up as well

  4. sims3rocks says:

    Just wanted to see if you could check out my legacy
    The Cadence Legacy:

  5. val says:

    hey, so your blog is absolutely fantastic and stuff! and other than that, my story is right here:

  6. Morbid_Mew says:

    I’m loving Aimee’s story just as much as I loved Marisol’s!

    If you would like, you can check out either of my two legacies and add them to your blogroll :)



  7. xcin100x says:

    I love ur legacy and so i added u to my blogroll ! Can u add me too? :)

  8. Sara says:

    Hiyah. I started reading your legacy on Friday and I am hooked. I added you to my blogroll!

    If you would, could you add me to yours? Also, would you mind reading the first post (at least =D) and commenting? Much appreciated!

  9. Sara says:


  10. Ana says:

    Love your legacy! Here’s mine… (well, 4boot’s, I’m just not logged in :) )

    I hope you get a chance to read it!

  11. carebear728 says:

    Hey, my Legend Legacy was corrupted I started a new one:

  12. Tally says:

    I’ve read through your legacy today and as I said already, added you to my blogroll. Would be cool if you’d add mine too,
    i’m updating on a regular basis, too.

    hope you get a chance to read it (; ~tally

  13. imsda says:

    Hi all! I just wanted to let everyone know that if their site has not been deleted, their blog has been linked to! Thanks!

  14. jeremina5 says:

    Please check out my new challenge!
    Follow Zeus as he advances in as many careers as he can will he and his wife Zelda have as many children as they can!!!

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